Our philosophy, our vision, our mission!

We believe that we have created a playing and learning environment that offers inspiring activities and provides children with opportunities to develop holistically together with their peers. We involve the children in the planning of their pre-school education. In this process emphasis is always placed on individuality, the child’s functioning as a group member and what the child enjoys!

We pay special attention to language and interaction. Children are actively encouraged to talk and express themselves through open discussion at ‘group time’ and ‘story time’ and in general exchanges throughout the day.

Mathematics are incorporated in all every day activities but never out of a meaningful context. Mealtimes and outside activities are particularly useful for general counting activities. It is easy to count when measuring time and distance in connection with running and walking. It is equally easy to ensure that seven children get seven plates, chairs etc. In other words, numbers are recorded when they mean something.

In art/craft activities colours are graded according to shade. Sizes and lengths can be measured using measuring implements of any kind. These can be spoons or sticks or anything that comes to hand as long as it’s of even length. It is important to be imaginative in maths!

A pre-school setting is probably the first place where children realise that they are part of a community with shared resources. This means that they will have to learn to take turns and share. In this context children will also learn what is right and what is wrong. This is somewhat different from what is socially acceptable and what isn’t. In other words children are made aware of the fact that their actions have consequences.

Culture is an integral part of our environment, it is reflected in everything that we do. Therefore in our nursery, children are made aware that different groups of people have different cultural traditions. In our city we are surrounded by cultural diversity and it is our aim to create a learning environment that reflects all the cultures that surround us.

Moreover, most of us have some connections abroad and we use these connections as learning resources. When it comes to festivals we try to ensure they are celebrated according to the relevant customs. This is a part of promoting awareness of similarities and differences between people in an environment in which all cultures are equally valued.

Above all, here at coconut nursery we emphasise the need for innovation and inspiration. We record our daily schedule on the basis of what has been successful. If something we have prepared fails to interest the children we try to find a different way of approaching the subject. This is what we mean by child centred flexibility: If the children wish to change our plans we adapt them accordingly!

Our central consideration is to promote the child’s own initiative and to emphasise its significance as the foundation for all activities.