Our last two inspections in May 2015 and May 2011 have found that the nursery is Outstanding

Description of the setting:

Coconut Nursery registered in 1992. It operates from a one-storey building in Stoke Newington in the London Borough of Hackney. Access to the building is at ground level directly from a secure driveway. Children have the use of two large play areas, a toddler unit and a pre-school, which include several smaller play areas and access to two interlinked outdoor play areas.

The overall effectiveness of the early years provision:

Overall the quality of the provision is outstanding.

The nursery offers a welcoming and inclusive provision for children where they consistently make significant progress in their learning. Children benefit from the exceptional range of play experiences on offer and demonstrate a strong sense of belonging within the setting. Staff are attentive to children’s well-being and ensure that children keep safe and healthy in their care. There is an excellent working partnership with parents which contributes to all children’s needs being met effectively. The management team is committed to the ongoing development of the provision in order to maintain the high quality education and care on offer to all children.

The effectiveness of leadership and management of the early years provision:

The nursery’s documentation provides an excellent framework for staff’s practice. There are effective safeguarding procedures in place which support staff in promoting children’s health and safety in the setting. Risk assessments of the premises are carried out regularly and include spontaneous risk assessments for any special or additional activities.

There are many opportunities for children to go on outings and these are all risk assessed in detail to ensure potential risks are minimised appropriately. All records relating to children’s health and safety are well maintained.

Staff have an up-to-date knowledge and understanding of child protection procedures and are aware of what to do if they have any concerns relating to child protection. Staff make excellent use of the available space in the setting to provide a variety of different play situations for children, mirroring the indoor provision in the outdoor play areas so that the outdoors offers an equally stimulating alternative play environment for children.

Staff focus on valuing children as individuals and emphasise the importance of their social and emotional development within the setting, with a view to helping all children to enjoy their nursery experience. They work closely with parents, providing relevant information about the nursery in a welcome pack and at an introductory meeting.

The nursery manager has established links with other professionals and providers in order to provide continuity of care for all children, taking into account any special educational needs. She is hands-on in her leadership, motivating and enthusing staff so that they all feel valued as members of a team. She has relevant plans for the future, for example, she is keen to pursue ways to continually reflect the wider community within the nursery, for example, bringing in individuals who can inspire children in their learning.

The quality and standards of the early years provision and outcomes for children:

Children delight in the opportunities to make friends, explore and have fun in a vibrant learning environment. Staff follow up their interests by spending time with children, helping them to feel emotionally secure and developing their communication through modelling words or singing rhymes. Young children respond enthusiastically by repeating words and actions or describing pictures. Pre-school children are very confident in their communication and quickly acquire early literacy and numeracy skills, such as writing letters, making comparisons and simple practical calculations. They are active and creative learners, persisting at self-chosen tasks and making discoveries as they explore.

There are excellent opportunities to be creative and children are encouraged to think about what they are creating and express their own ideas in their pictures and models. Staff enhance children’s learning experiences by supporting and affirming children in their own choices or by introducing different resources, for example, a den or telescope, which excite children and maintain their interest throughout the day.

Staff make the most of opportunities to challenge children and extend them in their learning, for example, when attempting an obstacle course or listening to a story. Children learn to work together at joint tasks and find out about a wider world as they use resources that reflect diversity or celebrate festivals linked to different religions and cultures. This learning is extended on trips into the local community, for example to a Polish or Caribbean shop, where they discover new multicultural foods. As a result children benefit from an exceptionally broad and diverse educational programme and gain particularly useful skills for the future which aid their transition to school.

Children develop high levels of personal independence and learn to make decisions for themselves as they make choices within their environment. Staff encourage children to be independent at mealtimes, but also to develop social skills as they sit and chat together in small groups. Children especially enjoy the provision of fresh fruit which encourages their awareness of healthy eating, as well as growing their own fruit and vegetables outdoors.

The outdoor play area provides an especially stimulating environment for children where they can practise and develop physical skills in a safe setting. They understand how to behave in a way that is safe for themselves and for others, for example, patiently waiting a turn to go over, or under, the rope ladder. Children learn to behave responsibly and to negotiate with others, resulting in older children actively avoiding situations of conflict. They are well supervised throughout the day, always happy and busy as they seek out different play activities in a relaxed and supportive environment.

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