Coconut Nursery runs a full day programme: Monday to Friday for 49 weeks a year. The Nursery has two sections: the pre-school and the toddler unit.

The pre-school unit caters for 2-5 year old children where the day starts at 8.00 and finishes at 18.00. We do not offer half or short days in the Pre-School room.

The nursery unit for toddlers caters for 1 year to 2 year olds. In that unit we offer:

  • long days: 08.00 – 18.00
  • short days: 10.00 – 16.00 or any 6hrs

All fees (outlined on a separate sheet) are payable all year round regardless of all holidays including the two weeks at Christmas and one week at Easter when the Nursery is closed. There is no summer closure.

The Nursery can be contacted by telephone or e-mail at any time.

The settling in process is gradual and carefully planned. Parents are invited to visit the Nursery with their child to share tea with the children and staff before the actual starting date.

Three meals: breakfast, lunch and tea are provided daily and these are always nutritious and well balanced. Culturally diverse foods are shared throughout the year and special dietary needs are met as far as possible. The cost of the meals is included in the fees.

Childcare students from local training organisations are closely supervised by the Nursery staff. Parents’ meetings are organised three times a year and parents are invited to discuss their children’s progress with the ‘key persons’ or the manager whenever convenient. Those parents who wish to have longer consultations are advised to make an appointment for this. Written reports are given when the children leave or upon request.

Successive Ofsted inspection reports confirm that we are working towards nationally approved learning outcomes in the six curriculum areas in the guidance to the Early Years Foundation Stage. The curriculum areas are: Personal, Social and Emotional Development; Communication, Language and Literacy; Mathematics; Knowledge and Understanding of the World; Physical Development and Creative Development.

Lessons in music, drama, football, music and puppetry are offered at no extra cost during term time. As members of the Pre-School Learning Alliance we encourage exploration through play by providing opportunities for children, with adult help, to develop new skills whilst enjoying the company of other children.

Our aim is to offer a broad and balanced curriculum through a range of activities and experiences which are both challenging and familiar. In order to do this successfully our ‘approach’ to education is based on child centred flexibility which enables all children to make free choices between various organised activities. The daily programmes are planned around the children’s interests following detailed observations and assessment of each individual child.

Children are given unlimited opportunities for role play through props, dressing up clothes and small world play. Their Physical, and Creative Development are promoted (among many other things!) through free access to climbing frames and a wide selection of other equipment. The children can help themselves to a wide range of writing, drawing, painting and malleable materials at all times. The same applies to all daily art/craft activities some of which are based on the current activities and experiences we are planning for the children. Communication, Language and Literary and Mathematics are prioritised in a practical way in all play activities. The children have access to the computer and internet in short one to one sessions.

Our large garden is divided into sections to accommodate organised games, physical exercise, exploration in the garden and free play. The physical exercise area is safety surfaced throughout. We have a vegetable garden, a covered sand-pit, a play house and even a little ‘orchard’ of fruit trees on the lawn.

The daily routines encourage the children to take turns, be independent and learn to share. Their own ideas and personal preferences are always taken into account. Indeed, the children’s opinions are actively sought in connection with organised group work and individually chosen activities. This is all part of the promotion of the children’s Personal, Social and Emotional Development. We keep careful records of the six areas of the children’s development in both sections of the nursery. These records and profile books are available for parents to see at any time.